Full Tilt Poker Becomes Full Tilt Gaming


In July 2013, Full Tilt Poker becomes Full Tilt Gaming as it expands its repertoire beyond just poker.

Full Tilt Poker

Launched in June 2004, Full Tilt Poker (FTP) has been an online poker room that has experienced great success. That success has included a large player pool, high traffic volumes and association with poker pros like Phil Ivey and Howard Lederer.

The 2012 Settlement

Business wasn’t always smooth sailing for FTP. In fact, in 2011, it was one of several poker websites to have its assets seized by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). The U.S. government levied indictments against the site’s owners and employees, and the company was on the verge of going out of business. A settlement with the government in June 2012, however, prevented that and even paved the way for the company to expand its repertoire.

Full Tilt Gaming

The main website remains titled Full Tilt Poker and is available at fulltiltpoker.com, but now, players will notice a new section of the site, a casino. In addition to poker, Full Tilt now offers blackjack and roulette as well as multi-player experiences for both games. Full Tilt Gaming is expected to add a series of slot machines soon as well, including pub slots, video slots and micro slots.


Blackjack is Full Tilt’s most important non-poker offering. It’s available in four formats: Atlantic City, European, Double Deck and Micro Limit. All four formats are available at both single-player and multi-player tables. There’s also a free-to-play version of the game, and players can hop between poker and blackjack or even play both games at the same time.


For roulette, Full Tilt currently only uses single-zero wheels. Sometimes called a European wheel, this means that the wheel has 37 pockets numbered zero to 36. Each roulette table has a broad range of betting limits that caters to both low and high rollers, and players can opt to play at a private table or mix it up on a public table.

Poker and Casino Games

Poker and casino games haven’t always mixed well online, but this is certainly an exception. Poker is still the featured product at Full Tilt Gaming, but now players can enjoy a change of pace using a single account and a single desktop client.

Building the Future on Heritage

The South of the Las Vegas Strip is slated for some serious changes in the near future. One of the biggest names among the blackjack1new retailers making a splash in the area is Tropicana Las Vegas. They are moving forward on plans for a retail project whose price tag will reach multi-million dollar figures. Although the project will not be breaking ground until nearly a year from now, Tropicana’s CEO is extremely confident and excited about the project’s prospects.

Time Moves Forward

The property on which the changes are to take place is historic in the area. It has undergone regular transformations, and the new business coming to the location plans to build on this heritage. Prior to the release of these plans, the company had already invested a substantial amount of money on interior renovations. After four years of making improvements in this capacity, Tropicana is turning their sights to the property’s exterior. The hotel and casino has 1,467 rooms to accommodate the new patrons to be intrigued by the complete, exterior makeover.

A Whole New Face

The frontage of the building will be completely transformed to include two levels that will encompass a complete shopping center. Within this complex will be a food court, individual restaurants, and 165,000 square feet of retail space. The only real reservations that the company faces with the renovation of the two-story building is the fact that it entails removing the Tiffany glass installments that have been in place over the game pits for decades.

Looking Forward with Confidence

Although Tropicana has faced difficulties with turning profits during the past periods of recession, this investment is being characterized as a valuable tool for helping them get back into the black in the very near future. The profits have been raising steadily, moving from losses of $9.7 million to $5.9 in just one year. The actual property is a developer’s dream, according to Tropicana’s CEO, citing the ideal location. Tropicana has also alluded to future plans for a Hooters Hotel and adjacent parking garages. The property has been in place since 1957, and the new renovations promise that it will continue to thrive well into the future.

The Right Tool For the Job

As Internet gaming moves ahead with staggering speed, new technology and new systems dedicated to efficiency and poker chips 2oversight have had to maintain a lightening pace as well. GeoComply Limited is one company that is making major contributions to the technological field in this capacity, the latest of which is a geo-location solution that is being embraced by many gaming organization throughout the globe. The proprietary release has passed all tests brought its way with flying colors thus far. It has also received the approval of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, allowing it to become an integral part of the gaming market that is booming in this state.

The Best Tool for the Job

The new technology is being hailed as an integral tool for evaluating how prepared an individual operator actually is before entering this new and highly-regulated marketplace for gaming. Jurisdictions in this area are stringent and the legal regulations are undergoing regular changes, making a tool such as this one that is completely necessary as the industry moves into the future. The software itself is setting the standard for programs designed for these applications, ones that are coming in ever greater demand.

The Best Available

Prior systems related to geo-location applications have failed to deliver the accuracy, reliably, and integrity that the software developed by GeoComply Limited has brought to the table. They are helping to create a more stable gaming environment that is more secure and allowing gaming organizations to have more confidence in their abilities to comply with gaming regulations as the landscape continually shifts.

Success and Potential

The soft launch has been a real success for GeoComply Limited, allowing them five days to see exactly how their product would fair on the open market. Regulated markets around the world have also kept a close eye on the success of this technology in hopes of having a system to which they can turn when it comes to ensuring that regulations and Internet licensing requirements for online gaming are followed very closely. Although this technology represents the pinnacle for this type of software to date, there is little doubt that further advances are just around the corner.

Casino Jones Votes Maple Casino ‘Best Canadian Online Casino’

Casino Jones, Canada’s number one authority on the online casino industry, has bestowed the honor of “Best Canadian Online Casino” upon Maple Casino. They have called the red hot casino an online casino that “embodies the true essence of Canada.”

By honoring Maple Casino with this award, Casino Jones has delivered on its promise to “take you to the very best of Canada’s online casino industry,” as Maple Casino has taken the Canadian online casino industry to the next level. Maple Casino’s vast array of innovative security features, unique casino bonuses, and customer support availability are unmatched and have the other Canadian online casinos scrambling to keep pace.

Maple Casino continues to build upon their reputation for providing one of the safest, most secure online casino experiences in all of Canada with high-powered security features, such as their 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to protect against intrusions. This ensures that their gamers’ money will always be deposited safely, “so what’s yours stay yours.” All of their software is designed by Microgaming, one of the most secure software development companies in online gaming.


Maple Casino voted best casino - Homepage

With their unique casino bonuses, Maple Casino makes sure that their gamers have an unparalleled casino experience. One of their standout bonuses is their Freeplay Casino Bonus. With this feature, Maple Casino allows gamers to play with $3000 in real cash for up to an hour without investing any of their own money. When the hour is up, gamers get to keep all of their winnings, no matter how many times they have multiplied the initial $3,000.

All online casinos offer some form of customer support, but Maple Casino has taken theirs to the next level: they have a toll-free customer service hotline, email customer support in seven languages, and an instant chat service that connects you directly with a customer support representative. All of their customer support options are available 24/7.

You can chose between playing from home or using Maple on the go. The Maple Mobile Casino offers the same, great service and impressive bonuses.

With this new award highlighting their hot streak of progressive online casino innovation, Maple Casino is promising to deliver even more exceptional services for its gamers in the future.


Information Sharing Between Rival Casinos Is Standard

Although rival casinos may compete for players, they work together when it comes to busting card cheats. All across the English-speaking world, casinos use sophisticated systems to warn each other about known cheaters. With the photos and names of dishonest players at hand, casino surveillance officers can be ahead of the game when a cheater walks in the door for the first time.

Thanks to a mutual self-interest, the use of an intelligence network is becoming increasingly popular with super casinos. The director of one of the world’s largest casinos, the Mohegan Sun, said that when an incident takes place at a rival casino, he knows about it in less than an hour. Within the day, the same information is sent to all of the major casinos along the East Coast of the United States.casinogambling

One of the pioneers in casino intelligence sharing, the Mohegan Sun began the practice over a decade ago. Today, the Connecticut casino is continuing to improve on security procedures by paying workers to monitor 4,000 cameras. As security officials scan the cameras, they are watching the behavior of dealers just as closely as they are watching the players. If they happen to spot a familiar face, security officials will monitor the suspected cheat before heading to the floor for a confrontation.

With all of these high tech security measures being implemented, casino cheats are becoming an increasingly rare phenomenon. As their photos are broadcast to nearby casinos and even to casinos in other countries, cheaters may have no place left to practice their craft. According to the Division of Gaming Enforcement in Delaware, cheaters could once hit multiple casinos in an hour. With so many potential targets, quick information sharing between rival casinos became a necessity.

Although the use of invisible ink may be uncommon, card counters are still a frequent headache for casino managers. Despite not breaking any laws, these advantaged players are capable of tipping the odds in their favor. As old-fashioned cheaters begin to die off, casino surveillance systems may start to focus more heavily on identifying and sharing information on known card counters.

Finding Online Gambling Information

Online gambling is a popular topic. Many people like to play casino games, and having the opportunity to do so while on the Internet is just too enticing for some people to turn down. The information that can be found about online gambling is very important to have. It has been shown that some people would simply like to gamble online more so than in person, so having information on the Internet about gambling can be highly useful.
The Blogger NetworkPeople who want to gain viewership to their blogs and websites know that putting up information about topics that people are talking about is the way to do it. This is why there is a flood of information going onto the Internet about gambling. People are scouring the Internet for every bit of information that they can find on the topic, and bloggers are willing to provide this information to them so long as they can count on those viewership numbers.Where To Find The Best Information

Clearly, there are some sources of information that are better than others. It is never a good idea to look for hard set in stone facts on the websites of the casinos themselves. They are clearly trying to sell a product, and taking their word for something is a foolish mistake to make. These claims need to be backed up by more impartial third party sources.

Casino forums and the like are at least able to provide somewhat better information. The conversation on these forums is typically very informal and personal, but the information may or may not be the highest quality. A lot of that has to do with who is giving those statements. It can be possible to sort through the various statements to try to find those that are more helpful once you start to get the hang of doing this.

See It For Yourself

Some claims may be difficult to verify at all until you have given it a try for yourself. What this means is that it may be necessary to actually give the particular casino a try in order to determine what the most accurate information is in terms of the claims that have been made about the site. Taking the dive like this may be a little scary at first, but it may be the only way to get to the bottom of things.

Get some tips for online casino’s here.

Online bingo speeds the game along, unless players want it slow


Bingo in real life is a fun, slow-paced game that allows players a respite from the usual fast pace of casino gaming. Online bingo, however, can be played at whatever rate the gambler prefers. Games like bingo are especially well suited for online translation because of how computer randomization works. Players can rest assured that the randomness of online bingo is even more thorough than ping pong balls being turned in a drum before getting picked. Here’s a look of how that process works to give online bingo fanatics a fair game.

Trusting in computer randomization

online-bingoAny online casino game is technically a simulation of the real-world game. Any simulation in which randomization is desired is best done on a computer. Computer randomization uses a selection of reference points to create what is, for all intents and purposes, a random number. Because it uses things like the pulsing electricity cycle in its circuits, no human could ever figure out what the next number produced will be. A physicist could tell what number will come up on dice if she knew exactly all the physical factors going in, but that could never happen. Similarly, computer randomization is perfectly unpredictable.

What does this mean for bingo played online? It means that, although one can’t see the balls physically being randomly plucked out of the drum, the selection of numbers in online bingo is even more random than in any bingo room in any brick and mortar casino in the world. This is important for older players, who traditionally love bingo, but who may not trust a computer picking their ping pong balls. As in all casino games, whether online or in the real world, however, the House has the edge built in, and so has no reason to cheat.

Picking up the pace

Another factor that makes online bingo as fun as its real-casino counterpart is that the sometimes glacial pace of the game can be picked up, since there is only one player at a time. In real life bingo, the camaraderie of fellow gamblers may be a huge part of the fun, but at home, one can play fast if desired, or slowly if every card needs special attention.

Leaving the blotter behind

Another advantage of online bingo is that there are no blotters or tiddly-wink chips needed to mark one’s cards. It’s all point-and-click easy.

Native casinos seeking traction in Canada

Canada has 15 native-owned casinos. They operate under several different models. Ontario has a centralized system in which tribal members share the revenue generated at the Orilla, Ontario Casino Rama facilities. Saskatchewan has several native-owned casinos.

Yale Belanger - Profeeser for native studies in Canada

Yale Belanger – Profeeser for native studies in Canada

All the casinos except for those in British Clumbia feature some form of revenue partnership, according to Yale Belanger ,an University of Lethbridge professor of native studies who has studies Canadian native gaming.  Debt service and management fees eat up a lot of tribal gaming profits.Provincial governments also have been taxing the native gaming industry very heavily. Case in point, Alberta taking a 30 per cent chunk of native casino revenue. Belanger believes the tax burden should be decreased.

British Columbia native casinos are proposed by the British Columbia First Nations Gaming Initiative at large urban centers in Okanagan and the Lower Mainland. Initiative leaders are prepping to set up operations despite opposition and possible legal action by the provincial government. While Saskatchewan and Manitoba feature long-time native casino and online casino operations B.C. has not developed a comprehensive plan for first nation gaming. The St. Eugene Resort near Cranbook os the only native-owned casino in the province to date. Rich Coleman, B.C. minister overseeing gambling said the marketplace already was saturated with gaming operations.

Elsewhere, the GEObet Tribal Gambling Network has proven a great success since its November 2012 launch. It is located in southern Alberta, Canada on the native grounds of the Tsuu T’ina Nation. They operate under the guidelines set by the Wapi-Maskawa iGamng Act. This applies to their online site northernbearcasino.com. The online site operates under regulatory rules set for online gambling in Malta, Curacao and Kahnawake, the Mohawk territory of Quebec.

The Wapi-Maskwa iGaming Act has been successfully used by native tribes with casinos to keep them operating despite Canadian federal government attempts to reign them in. NorthernBear Casino CEO Bernie Shepherd said it was important for native tribes to operate online and casino gaming as part of their heritage. This was a significant statement due to the recent efforts to expand operations into Saskatchewan. GEObet CEO Gerry Gionet said their forefathers were traders for centuries with entrepreneurship in their DNA. This meant that historical data backed their efforts. Lacrosse was a betting sport setting the table for tribal gaming, he said.

What are the latest dangers of online gambling

With the latest trends in the gambling industry which have lead to online gambling getting legalized in New Jersey and the debate heating in the senate for the same to happen in other states as its seen a revolution which

But, little known to many people, there are some underlying dangers that might limit this development.

The latest danger which should ring at the back of everyone’s mind is; how are you as a player or gambler protected from any form of fraud? As much as the officials fight and push to make sure that the industry is regulated, there are slip-ups and holes that will of course endanger the player. Fraud happens everywhere but the danger is even more real when transactions happens online. Fraudulent companies might arise which intent will be to lure players and fleece them of their money. This has occurred many times in other online businesses and gambling is sure not going to be an exception.

Another little known danger which players are exposed is identity theft. This is where someone actually steals or illegally accesses and uses your identity. Remember there are criminals out there who do not want to be discovered and the moment they land on your social security number they can use that to frame you. This form of danger is mostly brought to the light due to the fact that participate in online gambling you have to surrender most of your details to the company you’re dealing with. If they do not keep this information in a secure location accessible by these fraudulent guys, you are exposed to the danger of identity theft.

Have you heard of money laundering? We have heard horror stories of individuals who built themselves fortunes over many years by simply fleecing unsuspecting citizens of their hard-earned cash. To these guys, the online gambling front has opened new doors and new opportunities for them to practice their trade.

So, how do you protect yourself from these dangers? At all times, you should deal with registered and well established casinos. Also, never share your information online with anyone you deem suspicious as this could expose you to other unanticipated problems.

Big Cloth Dice Hits Person

The Dark Knight Rises

Casino UK is proud to announce its launch of The Dark Knight Rises™ video slot machine by Microgaming. Based on the blockbuster movie by Warner Brothers, Dark Knight Rises delivers an audio-visual experience on the leading edge of computer gaming.

About Casino UK

Casino UK is a premier UK-based online casino. The casino is one of the Microgaming casinos,  and it boasts a game library that includes more than 600 unique game play experiences. Casino UK also has a phenomenal reputation for safety, security, integrity and its dedication to client service.

About the Dark Knight

Batman is a superhero that appears in the comic books published by DC. Some might argue whether or not he’s truly a hero, and therein lies the allure of a character often known as the Dark Knight. The Dark Knight Rises, a film by Christopher Nolan starring Christian Bale, is perhaps the greatest example of that dichotomy but also the inspiration for a video slots game unlike any other.

The Dark Knight Rises™ Online

The Dark Knight Rises is a physical slot machine that was introduced at brick-and-mortar casinos in cities like Las Vegas and London to celebrate the release of the movie. The online version is a faithful recreation of that game, but it also has some additional features that make the game even more lucrative. Unlike a standard slots experience, DKR has multiple zones, including five-reel and three-real sections, and features like Cinematic Spins, which help immerse the player in the action.

Although The Dark Knight Rises has many entertaining features, one stands above all others: the Batman and Bane Fight Mode. In this randomly triggered second-screen bonus, the player takes control of Batman and battles Bane in an effort to save Gotham and win free spins and win multipliers.
The Dark Knight
Play The Dark Knight Rises at Casino UK

Anyone who is a fan of Batman or slot machines should take this game out for a spin. There has never been a video slot game quite like this, and Casino UK is the best place to play it because of its rich bonuses and its dedication to customer service.