When you think of Poker you think of serious-faced high rollers sitting at a table puffing away at cigars, eyes deep in concentration. The Poker table is the core of the casino and while not as lively as the Craps Table, it’s most certainly a fun game to play. It’s very social and brings all sorts of people together in a game of strategy, bluffs, luck and chance. Poker seems to tap in a little deeper to human nature and those who play will testify that it’s not the cards you are dealt, it’s how you play the hand.

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Whilst is seems complicated, it’s really very simple. As long as you have a basic understanding of the card values and winning hands, you can make huge winnings whether you get a bad hand or a good one. There are many different types of Poker variations you can try, all with their own set of rules and procedures. What’s most important is that whether you’re a beginner or a pro, get to know the basic rules and then just have fun. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that we get when it comes to Poker: