For those wanting to work on their blackjack playing skills prior to hitting the casino and for those who simply can’t let go of the game even when they are out and about, consider the new Blackjack app by Fil Games.

Brilliant app adaptation of blackjack

Blackjack appThe developers of this app have done an excellent job in replicating almost the identical version of the game in the app to help players improve upon their playing skills. What’s more? The app comes absolutely free of cost. Another thing which is a free is a card counting instructor. Players will get an opportunity to choose the blackjack rules they would like use for their game-European, Atlantic City or Vegas. They will also get other exciting features such as free chips to play with every day!

Those playing the BlackJack! App have the option to pick from around 9 distinct casino tables, card and chip themes. You will also enjoy seeing the famous hand gestures associated with the blackjack game which have also been replicated in the application. The app is most definitely a success with the fans of the game and over 100,000 installations have already been done and it has received more than two thousand 5-star rating reviews.

Casino apps gaining popularity

Today there is an abundance of gaming apps for players in the online space including casino games, sports betting, bingo, poker and live dealers. Some of the casino websites which generate the maximum amount of revenue have successfully met the needs of the mobile users and have created unique apps for all their gaming platforms

As compared to browsing on the mobile version of a website, players find greater personalization options while using the apps. For instance, sports betters don’t have to download the complete casino and can instead simply get the app for sports betting. Similarly poker players can easily enjoy only the poker app.