One of the biggest draws that online card game casinos have always had is their competitions and tournaments, which give players a chance to win huge rewards from large prize pools. It’s standard business for an online casino to host competitions or tournaments on a monthly or oftentimes even weekly basis. Prizes are often cash but there are also commonly given out such as free cruises, jewelry, modern gadgets, and a whole lot of other things that draw players in from all over the world.

blackjackIn addition to providing an opportunity to win the above mentioned material rewards, these competitions also serve by giving the online casino’s player base a meaningful experience that makes them feel more invested in the service by seeing the type of rewards they can get for staying a loyal customer.


One such tournament that is happening soon is the LeoVegas British Blackjack Championship. This tournament will allow qualified blackjack players to put their skills to the test when it comes to the classic and well loved game of blackjack.

The Prize

A tournament is nothing without a prize, and this championship features a prize pool of well over £18,000 and on top of that, will give players a chance to win a two person luxury trip to Malta for the live finale.


The qualifying period begins on June 25, a Monday, and the tournament will last until July 12. It is open to British citizens of legal age only.

Players will be able to use just about whichever platform they’re most comfortable on, be it desktop computer, tablets, or a phone. Regardless of what they play on, they will all count towards qualification, which is based on who has won the most blackjack games during the day of qualification.