The Meadows Casino recently concluded its fundraising event successfully. It raised $20000 for Monongahela Valley Hospital through its annual blackjack tournament. It was the second year for the tournament that was launched to benefit the hospital and it has proved a successful endeavour for the casino and the hospital as well.

 The cause

The Meadows CasinoThe proceeds for the tournament will be used to develop the centre for breast cancer at the hospital. The centre is developed to focus on all aspects of breast cancer from prevention to treatments. The funds are used to renovate the existing facility. The testing area is going through a complete revamp. The hospital is also adding a new staff member especially to help patients for the entire cycle of their treatment. The development of the unit is planned so that it can provide patients with full range of care for the cancer. The hospital hopes to develop the centre as a place that can help patients with early detection of the disease and help them through a complete treatment plan.

The event

The Meadows Casino in Pennsylvania hosted its second fundraising event to great success. The invitations were sent to blackjack regulars and high rollers who would have loved to play the game and play with top dollars. The event was held in February and gave players several ways of funding the cause. There was of course, the blackjack tournament but, the event itself was promoted as a fun experience supporting a good cause. For those who wanted to support the cause, but didn’t want to gamble; the casino had a fantastic entertainment package for them that included food and drinks for just $35. There were around 70 seats for the tournament and the fee was $250. The prize money was $5000.