Bingo in real life is a fun, slow-paced game that allows players a respite from the usual fast pace of casino gaming. Online bingo, however, can be played at whatever rate the gambler prefers. Games like bingo are especially well suited for online translation because of how computer randomization works. Players can rest assured that the randomness of online bingo is even more thorough than ping pong balls being turned in a drum before getting picked. Here’s a look of how that process works to give online bingo fanatics a fair game.

Trusting in computer randomization

online-bingoAny online casino game is technically a simulation of the real-world game. Any simulation in which randomization is desired is best done on a computer. Computer randomization uses a selection of reference points to create what is, for all intents and purposes, a random number. Because it uses things like the pulsing electricity cycle in its circuits, no human could ever figure out what the next number produced will be. A physicist could tell what number will come up on dice if she knew exactly all the physical factors going in, but that could never happen. Similarly, computer randomization is perfectly unpredictable.

What does this mean for bingo played online? It means that, although one can’t see the balls physically being randomly plucked out of the drum, the selection of numbers in online bingo is even more random than in any bingo room in any brick and mortar casino in the world. This is important for older players, who traditionally love bingo, but who may not trust a computer picking their ping pong balls. As in all casino games, whether online or in the real world, however, the House has the edge built in, and so has no reason to cheat.

Picking up the pace

Another factor that makes online bingo as fun as its real-casino counterpart is that the sometimes glacial pace of the game can be picked up, since there is only one player at a time. In real life bingo, the camaraderie of fellow gamblers may be a huge part of the fun, but at home, one can play fast if desired, or slowly if every card needs special attention.

Leaving the blotter behind

Another advantage of online bingo is that there are no blotters or tiddly-wink chips needed to mark one’s cards. It’s all point-and-click easy.