So where did we get our name from? Well, 777 Casino Forum is all about good luck, and it turns out you can’t get luckier than the number seven!

Lucky Items Clover Leave and Rabbit FootLike rabbits’ feet, and four-leafed clovers, the number 7 has long been considered a sign of good luck in many different cultures.

You’ll notice it is a reoccurring patter in casinos, especially in decorations and slot machines.  Superstitious players even wear it somewhere on their person: as pendants, key chains and printed on their shirts. The origin of this superstition is very entertaining and cosmopolitan, found across numerous religions and societies.

It is extraordinarily rare that a lucky number be so widely shared across the world.  For instance, it turns up all the time in ancient Jewish history. The Ancient Greeks considered it to be a perfect number, mathematically, and therefore lucky – the Arabs then adapted this belief in their turn. The Goths (ancient European Germanic people, not the alternative subculture) worshiped seven gods. In Chinese tradition, the number is considered lucky because it sounds like the Chinese word for ‘life essence’.

And that’s if you have just one seven. It stands to reason that if you take 777, like we did, you’ll get triple the luck!

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