Inside and Outside Bets

What are outside and inside bets?

There are many options for players when placing roulette wagers. You can choose between inside bets where you bet on single numbers or a variety of single numbers, or outside bets where you select larger groupings of numbers to bet on. Outside bets have better odds of winning but the payout is lower, while inside bets are the exact opposite.

Inside bets are made on the numbers on the inner section of the table layout. They include five different types of wagers including the Straight-up, Street, Split, Corner, Six Line, Basket and Trio. The Straight Up bet relies only on a single number bet with big payouts, the Split bet relies on two numbers, the street bet relies on three number s and the Corner bet on four. Line bets cover 6 consecutive numbers and trio bets are placed on either 0/1/2 or 00/2/3.

Outside Bets are placed on the outer bets of the Roulette table. There are colour bets where you wager on the ball landing on either red or black or you can do dozen bets where you bet on a selection of 12 numbers. There are also high/low bets which are placed on either the high or the low boxes. The high number go from 19-36 and the low 1-18.