Building the Future on Heritage

The South of the Las Vegas Strip is slated for some serious changes in the near future. One of the biggest names among the blackjack1new retailers making a splash in the area is Tropicana Las Vegas. They are moving forward on plans for a retail project whose price tag will reach multi-million dollar figures. Although the project will not be breaking ground until nearly a year from now, Tropicana’s CEO is extremely confident and excited about the project’s prospects.

Time Moves Forward

The property on which the changes are to take place is historic in the area. It has undergone regular transformations, and the new business coming to the location plans to build on this heritage. Prior to the release of these plans, the company had already invested a substantial amount of money on interior renovations. After four years of making improvements in this capacity, Tropicana is turning their sights to the property’s exterior. The hotel and casino has 1,467 rooms to accommodate the new patrons to be intrigued by the complete, exterior makeover.

A Whole New Face

The frontage of the building will be completely transformed to include two levels that will encompass a complete shopping center. Within this complex will be a food court, individual restaurants, and 165,000 square feet of retail space. The only real reservations that the company faces with the renovation of the two-story building is the fact that it entails removing the Tiffany glass installments that have been in place over the game pits for decades.

Looking Forward with Confidence

Although Tropicana has faced difficulties with turning profits during the past periods of recession, this investment is being characterized as a valuable tool for helping them get back into the black in the very near future. The profits have been raising steadily, moving from losses of $9.7 million to $5.9 in just one year. The actual property is a developer’s dream, according to Tropicana’s CEO, citing the ideal location. Tropicana has also alluded to future plans for a Hooters Hotel and adjacent parking garages. The property has been in place since 1957, and the new renovations promise that it will continue to thrive well into the future.

The Right Tool For the Job

As Internet gaming moves ahead with staggering speed, new technology and new systems dedicated to efficiency and poker chips 2oversight have had to maintain a lightening pace as well. GeoComply Limited is one company that is making major contributions to the technological field in this capacity, the latest of which is a geo-location solution that is being embraced by many gaming organization throughout the globe. The proprietary release has passed all tests brought its way with flying colors thus far. It has also received the approval of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, allowing it to become an integral part of the gaming market that is booming in this state.

The Best Tool for the Job

The new technology is being hailed as an integral tool for evaluating how prepared an individual operator actually is before entering this new and highly-regulated marketplace for gaming. Jurisdictions in this area are stringent and the legal regulations are undergoing regular changes, making a tool such as this one that is completely necessary as the industry moves into the future. The software itself is setting the standard for programs designed for these applications, ones that are coming in ever greater demand.

The Best Available

Prior systems related to geo-location applications have failed to deliver the accuracy, reliably, and integrity that the software developed by GeoComply Limited has brought to the table. They are helping to create a more stable gaming environment that is more secure and allowing gaming organizations to have more confidence in their abilities to comply with gaming regulations as the landscape continually shifts.

Success and Potential

The soft launch has been a real success for GeoComply Limited, allowing them five days to see exactly how their product would fair on the open market. Regulated markets around the world have also kept a close eye on the success of this technology in hopes of having a system to which they can turn when it comes to ensuring that regulations and Internet licensing requirements for online gaming are followed very closely. Although this technology represents the pinnacle for this type of software to date, there is little doubt that further advances are just around the corner.