Craps is one of the most exciting and loud games that you can expect to play at a casino. For this reason, it is vital that you have a good understanding of the table before playing. The last thing you want is to go to a craps table with no idea about how you are going to bet. Here is an explanation of the craps table.

Craps Table


The craps table can look complicated, but it is fairly self-explanatory when you get a hang for the game. We start with the pass line. This is where players place their chips for the simplest craps bet.

Pass Line:

There are two ways to win a “pass line” bet. The first way is for the player to throw the numbers seven or eleven immediately. If they do not manage that, they get to roll again until they get the same number. For example, if a player rolls a three and a four, he wins. If their first rolled number is eight, they keep rolling until the rolled number is either a seven or eight. If it is seven, the pass line loses. If it is eight, the pass line wins.

Don’t Pass Line:

Players may place a bet on the house to win the pass bet over the player. Betting on this means you are betting on the pass line bet to lose. It is rare for a player to use this option, because craps etiquette entails that everyone wins or loses together on the Pass Line bet.

Field Bets:

The 2-3-4-9-10-11-12 Field allows players to bet on the next roll being of that number. A 2 and a 12 pays double. For example, if the next player throws a seven and five, everyone who put their chips on that field will win double.

Come Bets and More:

The come bet is another version of the pass bet, and it is typically made after the first point has been established. Players can also put their chips on one of the numbers at the top of the table. These are place bets, where you are betting that one of those numbers will be rolled before a seven.

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