KGM, a notable North American manufacturer and supplier and Alfastreet Gaming, the Slovenian company known for its creation of multi-player electronic game instruments, have announced a partnership.

Alfastreet_RouletteThis exclusive partnership was officially announced when both the companies were showing off their latest offerings at the Global Gaming Expo 2014 held in Las Vegas. This agreement results in making KGM an exclusive American distributor of electronic table games manufactured by Alfastreet. The present games collection includes baccarat, roulette, blackjack, poker, craps, big-six and sic-bo. The two companies are excited and also announced their commitment to unifying their efforts to bring custom tailored game products to American markets. They also reiterated the commitment to measure up to the high standards which both the partners are known for in gaming industry.

According to Jason Cohen, KGM’s Executive Vice President, his company regards electronic table games to be a very important product. They have selected to partner Alfastreet due to the Slovenian company’s higher product standards and also for their forward thinking technology. This mindset aligns with the commitment of KGM to continually progress and also enhance the gaming industry.

 What is KGM?

KGM is the preferred supplier and manufacturer of casino professionals across the Canadian, United States and Caribbean region. The numerous divisions of KGM supply excellent quality slot bases, graphics and signage packages, gaming machines and custom-designed seating from Answorth Technologies. The KGM headquarter are situated at Philadelphia, PA. It also has a satellite office located in Pleasantville, New Jersey.

More on Alfastreet

The Slovenian company is the uncontested leader in the production of high profile electronic gaming with specialization in multi-player environments. The Pockaj doo owns the Alfastreet brand and the parent company is a private limited one. Alfastreet products are synonymous with premium quality and technologically superior gaming instruments.