Want your favourite poker player to get a place in the Hall of Fame? The World Series of Poker Hall of Fame nominations for 2014 are in progress, and poker fans in the US and around the world can simply login to the official WSOP website to nominate their favourite players. The voting process for the nominations will take place through August 15. If you want your poker stars to have a chance at fame, better hurry and nominate them before time runs out.

Poker Hall of Fame

Creating poker legends

The Poker Hall of Fame inductees will not be determined by the public alone. The WSOP conducts the survey to get an idea about who has a chance to get inducted into the prestigious list. The place for legendary poker players, the Hall of Fame is where the WSOP will place the deserving candidates and legends in the making, with a little help from the public. At present, there are a total of 46 players in the WSOP list.

After the list of nominees is received from the public, the WSOP will forward it to the Nomination Committee, which will review the nominees and select eligible candidates for the induction. The final nominees list for the 2014 Poker Hall of Fame will be released by the committee in September 2014. This will be followed by ranking of the nominees by the existing 21 Hall of Fame members. Two finalists with the maximum number of votes will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at the WSOP Final Table Main event in November.

Whom can you nominate?

The Hall of Fame inductees you can nominate this year should meet the following requirements –

  • Minimum age of 40 years
  • Must have played in a major tournament against some of the top players in the industry
  • Should have played high-stake games
  • Have a consistent success record at poker, and be appreciated and respected by peers

Non-players who have contributed significantly for the overall development of the game in the country and the world through managerial roles, administration, organization, innovation or other activities can also be nominated.