IGT Wins Big with Online Slots

International Game Technology (IGT), the largest developer of slot software and machines in the world, announced an impressive 41-percent profit increase for the third quarter.

A Bold Step into the Online Arena

When IGT ventured into online slots in 2005, not everyone was onboard, including many of its shareholders. There was undoubtedly money to make in the online sector, but historically, that market had been cutthroat, fickle and inconsistent. For this Nevada-based company, there was also the issue of looming online gambling laws in the U.S., and the UIGEA did go into effect May of the following year.

Massive Growth

Today, IGT isn’t just still the top dog in the industry; it’s also the brand experiencing the greatest and most consistent level of growth. IGT’s most recent expansion, a Canadian-based contract, resulted in slot machine sales being up by 12 percent to $259.2 million. Furthermore, the company’s interactive revenue has jumped a whopping 69 percent to $72.5 million overall. In fact, the only area where IGT witnessed any regression at all was in networked machines, both online and in traditional casinos; that revenue fell four percent down to $247.2 million.

Online Slots

Despite significant concerns over the volatility of the market, the decision-makers at IGT held firm to their vision. In retrospect, one of the key decisions was to purchase WagerWorks rather than build a new online presence from the ground up. WagerWorks gave them proprietary software technology, an established presence in the market and a revenue stream that was already in the black.

WagerWorks also provided IGT with some important licenses, such as Star Trek and Ghostbusters as well as some of the most popular slot machines in brick-and-mortar casinos. For a company like IGT, the issue with an online slots division is that, as CFO John Vandemore puts it, “it feels the brunt of consumer discretionary challenges.” IGT has been able to overcome this, however, by building a recognizable online brand that players associate with some of the biggest licenses and largest progressive jackpots.

A Plan for Tomorrow

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of IGT’s success is that there’s no indication of it slowing down. IGT has also been very aggressive about maintaining it; for instance, last year it purchased Double Down Interactive, a developer of socially networked casino games, and revenue on just the Double Down game is up 40 percent to $680k daily.


Lawmakers Request Firmer Online Gambling Regulations

Law Paragraph and Hammer

Firmer regulations and precautions must be made for online gambling sites according to lawmakers. Old and out-of-date regulations make it easy for money launderers, terrorists or just about anyone to bet money online without revealing their identities.

Online gambling websites permit the users to remain anonymous, allowing all sorts of criminals to hide their money sources.

“Shame on us if we don’t get something done on this because when I think about the possibility for money laundering, terrorism, drug trafficking and the potential for children to get access to the Internet as well as people to add to the addiction issue, I hope this is something we move on very quickly,” said Senator Kelly Ayotte.

The anonymity will not only be appealing to money launderers and the like, but can also expose users to identity theft and allow children and addicts easy access to the site.

Children are able to verify their age by simply clicking a button to say they are over the legal age limit.

“My kids are pretty sharp; I don’t think it would take them long to get around that at the age of 5 and 8,” says Ayotte.

Senator Richard Blumenthal expressed concern for the safety of personal financial information as hackers and security breaches to be easily exposed.

Regulations are lacking since a Justice Department decision in 2011 only allowed betting on sports and excludes all other games such as poker and slots. A few states have since masde the decision to legalize online gambling within their borders.

Heller, the top Republican on the Senate Commerce subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety and Insurance said he would like to rein in the Internet sector by writing a new legislation and has the support of Harry Reid, Majority Leader.

“I would like to put together a piece of legislation, as does Sen. Reid, but we want broad support. I don’t want this to be a Sen. Reid and Sen. Heller piece of legislation. I want broad support,” said Heller.

Sen. Claire McCaskill, subcommittee chairwoman agreed that congress has to play an important role in overseeing the expansion of online gaming, adding that Internet gambling is “inherently an interstate matter.”

7 is the luckiest number

So where did we get our name from? Well, 777 Casino Forum is all about good luck, and it turns out you can’t get luckier than the number seven!

Lucky Items Clover Leave and Rabbit FootLike rabbits’ feet, and four-leafed clovers, the number 7 has long been considered a sign of good luck in many different cultures.

You’ll notice it is a reoccurring patter in casinos, especially in decorations and slot machines.  Superstitious players even wear it somewhere on their person: as pendants, key chains and printed on their shirts. The origin of this superstition is very entertaining and cosmopolitan, found across numerous religions and societies.

It is extraordinarily rare that a lucky number be so widely shared across the world.  For instance, it turns up all the time in ancient Jewish history. The Ancient Greeks considered it to be a perfect number, mathematically, and therefore lucky – the Arabs then adapted this belief in their turn. The Goths (ancient European Germanic people, not the alternative subculture) worshiped seven gods. In Chinese tradition, the number is considered lucky because it sounds like the Chinese word for ‘life essence’.

And that’s if you have just one seven. It stands to reason that if you take 777, like we did, you’ll get triple the luck!

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The Best Way To Win At A Casino

Roulette, Gambling

People often ask the best way to win at a casino.  This question is loaded with all kinds of misconceptions.

As any pro gambler knows, it is impossible to win all the time in games which involve a chance element. There is no strategy that will guarantee constant wins. However, there are strategies and techniques that can significantly improve your odds in games that require an element of skill.

Casino games are divided into chance and skill games, and while the outcome of chance games (like Craps, Slots and Roulette) depends entirely on luck, the skill games (Blackjack and Poker), allow the player to regain a bit of an edge. This requires a unusually good knowledge of strategy and rules, as well as a lot of practice.

Luckily, there are a lot of game simulations and online tournaments which are an excellent way to sharpen playing skills. In Blackjack, card counting can help significantly improve chances of winning.

Pic Card Deck

Poker players play against other players rather than the house: it is very much a contest of skills and psychology and so the advantage must be gained over other players. While blackjack gives players the best odds on the casino floor, modern technology poses a problem for card counters. Therefore, Poker is the most lucrative casino game for skilled players.

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Casino Jones’ Names Best Online Casinos 2013

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